100% Cotton Hug

I needed a hug from home,

so I put on the t-shirt

I bought for myself

when last I was there,

and under my blanket

I shut my eyes

and tried

to summon home around me

from 10,000 kilometers away.




Let’s not talk about that.

That was two thousand years ago

Let’s talk about something that happening now

Like the grass.

It’s everywhere.

Look at it.

Like hair, like the hair on my head.


The problems is people don’t talk about it.

They’ve got fear everywhere.

They run and they get themselves alone all the time.

Sorta like me.

I’d like to talk.

I’ve things to say,

But my family doesn’t talk, they don’t talk.


You know there’s times I wish I had a friend,

But nobody out there’s gonna be my friend.

All my girlfriends had boyfriends when I was with ‘em,

And they beat me up,

Then the girls leave me alone

Just like that,

That’s life and sometimes I get angry at it.


You know I don’t like to get angry.

My father was angry.  I want a daughter,

A little girl to look after, a kid, but no,

I’m forty-one.

I’ve still got hair.

My father was bald.

But who’s gonna look at a man who’s forty-one?


No job, no place to stay.  Over at the mission,

They teach me I gotta get a job.

I can’t get a job.  I got so mad, I tore all my papers up.

So there you go.

Here I am.

You can give me food,

But I’m concerned about what you’ll eat today.


If you hand me that juice or that sandwich, or lunch,

I’m gonna have to split it with you.

If you won’t take it back, I’ll split it.

Look at you,

You’re so thin,

Out here on the street,

Helping people.  Here’s a dollar.  Let me be able to help you back.


I never had a friend before.

No one ever listened to what I’d say.

And I wanna hear what other people say.

Go on, talk.

People don’t talk these days,

So talk, go on tell me.

I never had a friend before and you’re a nice person anyway.



21 September 2016

A call back to last year.  Originally posted on Tumblr.  A train-of-thought exercise after reading so many hard stories and wishing I could reach my hands through the computer to all of them.


On Power

there is no will to power
and where power predomintes,
love is lacking.
The one is the shadow of the other. 
– Carl Jung

The privilege of a lifetime
is to become who you truly are. 
– CG Jung

And so…

Deep calls to deep.
Like calls to like.

Shakespeare said that those who see the dancers
but do not hear the music will think the dancers mad.
Someone will always try to stop you from being you.
They can’t hear the music.
Only you can.

Are you trying to leave a harmful relationship?
With family?
A lover?
A whole community?

Deep calls to deep.
Like calls to like.

If you are not like them anymore, leave.
If they want nothing of you from you, leave.

They might tell you that you’re selfish,
Or weak,
Or proud,
Or immoral.
They may say that it is dangerous
For your body,
Your mind,
Your soul.

They may praise you for being virtuous
If you obey,
If you stop being you,
If you do as they say.
They will say to kill the part of you they hate,
To “die to yourself,”
When you still don’t know who you are.

Deep calls to deep.
Like calls to like.

So leave their shallow waters.

Here is what’s selfish:
Letting others think for you.
Here’s what is dangerous:
Giving up power to someone else.
Here’s what’s virtuous:
Taking on power,
Even when it’s hard,
And keeping it.
The last is the hardest thing.
For milennia,
We were told power is evil.
And so only evil people sought power.
For milennia,
We were and are being lied to:
To have power over yourself
Allows you to do the most good.

Deep calls to deep.
Like calls to like.

They plant the fear
and then call to it.
They take what you love
and they ransom it.

Deep calls to deep.
Like calls to like.

Somewhere, somewhere,
There is someone who will love you.
Somewhere, some place,
There is a place where you can live.

Find it.
Find yourself.
Call to it.
You will find it.

Giving up power is only a virtue
if it is power over another person.
Giving up power over yourself is, at best,
Not bravery,
Not selflessness,
Not good morals.

Leave the things that harm you.
Leaving will be the second bravest thing you ever do.
Leave the ways that harm you.
The bravest thing you’ll ever do, will be never going back.

Deep calls to deep.
Like calls to like.

Release your fear.
Leave it behind you.
Search for love.
It will call to you.

And when you stop listening to them
You will be able to hear it.