Welcome to Hereabouts!

Welcome to Hereabouts!

Home to Westfall, Liliput and many other odds and ends of my writing and randomness.  Feel free to browse, or search by category with the links below.  I’ve added warnings and ratings on request.

Short Stories – Shorter works written in my downtime to keep my gears turning. (TV-PG)

Poems & Songs – Verse and rhyme, often included in longer works.  (TV-G, mostly)

The Real Life – Personal journals of moments too nice not to share. (TV-G)

Westfall – A teen’s desperate attempt to save a nation from The King of the Western Fairies. (Warnings: violence and violent deaths, some sexual references and language, politics)

A Queen’s Ransom (formerly known as Liliput) – A lesser-known Russian fairy tale about love, identity, and truth. (Warnings: fantasy violence, some adult themes, death.

Ivan the Brave (IN-PROGRESS) – A cumulative tale of three brothers, their mother, and a troublesome wizard. (Warnings: fantasy violence, death)


25 Waking the Dead

October 9th, 2033, Grand Canyon Village, Arizona, USA

A car door slammed.  The front seat jostled, as Jill reached back for a seat belt, then jangled the keys about.  With a sigh, she sat back.

Her chest ached.  She felt so small, but the emptiness felt bigger than the canyon. Continue reading

24 To Wear the Crown

September 1st, Year of our Fair Lord 10, Central City, Capital Mansion

It was next that Wheeler arrived, taking the room in long quick strides.  He clenched his hands around the girls’ arms to drag both bodily towards the open wall.  Before Rose could think, they’d crossed a broad threshold, and the wall was swinging shut, first on one side, then the other of a short passageway between this new room and the one they’d left behind. Continue reading

23 To Starve a King

September 1st, Year of our Fair Lord 10, Central City, Capital Mansion

The ups and downs of each stairway or hall had their own brand of pain, but finally Rose stood in an atrium at the corner of two narrow hallways.  The doors opened without anyone behind them.  The soldiers snapped to attention and saluted. Continue reading

22 Harbinger

August 31st, Year of our Fair Lord 10, Central City, Mansion Basement

Pastor was still passed out when Rose returned.  She listened to the key in the lock without turning around, without moving.  But as the soldiers’ footsteps receded down the hall, she crossed the small cell to its single bench and sat down on it.  A moment later something in the overhead pipes rumbled.  The lights went out one by one down the hall, each with a kind of shuddering thunderclap. Continue reading

20 Mousetrap

August 31st, Year of our Fair Lord 10, Central City, Capital Mansion

Drogheda Hound had followed the president and his three secretaries from a conference room, down the hall, and into the president’s office—the seat of the capital’s power, she always told herself in silent awe, not to mention some of the most comfortable couches she knew. Continue reading

19 Fifty-fifty

August 31st, Year of our Fair Lord 10, Ridge Town

Jill slipped around the motel door and cringed at the slight squeaking of the hinges.  The sun was just ghosting the horizon with color.  The new moon was high.  The increasingly cold nights of approaching autumn had merited a jacket this time.  Jill leaned on the balcony a moment, watching the eastern sky. Continue reading