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“You think there’s more to the story?”

“The story? No. Stories are always simple. The truth, that takes work.”

Welcome to Hereabouts, home to Westfall, A Queen’s Ransom, and Ivan the Brave.

Long Reads

Westfall – Ever have one of those dreams you can’t get out of your head?  Ever have an immortal faerie king take over your free nation?  18-year-old Rose doesn’t believe in rhetorical questions.  (Warnings: violence and violent deaths, some sexual references and language, politics)

Scripts & Screenplays

A Queen’s Ransom Princess Sasha plans to pay her fiance’s ransom with a song, but are the gods really on her side? (Warnings: fantasy violence, some adult themes, death)

Ivan the Brave – Can a kind and simple prince beat an immortal sorcerer?  (Warnings: fantasy violence, death)

Quick Looks

Shorts Shorter works with rhythm, rhyme, and occasionally reason. (TV-PG)

Poems & Songs – Verse and rhyme, written for both fiction and memoir.  (TV-G, mostly)

The Real Life Personal journals on writing and life. (TV-G)

Other Musings

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Shorts – Anne Lynn, “Wish”

Anne Lynn was thirty-four years old when she decided to let the toad decide.

It was a small toad, dirt brown, slightly lumpy, and she wasn’t entirely sure in times after that it wasn’t actually several toads seen on separate occasions.  Toads didn’t exactly possess distinguishing features, except perhaps to other toads.  But it was, so far as she knew, the only toad, and if not there was always the whimsical thought that they probably all talked to each other in any case, especially about humans like her. Continue reading

Shorts – Horace Ruth, “Hero”

If there was anything that Horace Ruth had learned in life, it was that people who ask you for one thing really want two.  And so on.  The first request is always pebbles before the avalanche.

For this reason, Horace’s chief means of tackling any problem someone gave him was to counter this geological inflation with multiples of zero.  That is, by facing it straight on and doing nothing.

Oddly enough, things usually worked out. Continue reading