Welcome to Hereabouts!

Welcome to Hereabouts!

Home to Westfall, Liliput and many other odds and ends of my writing and randomness.  Feel free to browse, or search by category with the links below.  I’ve added warnings and ratings on request.

Short Stories – Shorter works written in my downtime to keep my gears turning. (TV-PG)

Poems & Songs – Verse and rhyme, often included in longer works.  (TV-G, mostly)

The Real Life – Personal journals of moments too nice not to share. (TV-G)

Westfall – A teen’s desperate attempt to save a nation from The King of the Western Fairies. (Warnings: violence and violent deaths, some sexual references and language, politics)

A Queen’s Ransom (formerly known as Liliput) – A lesser-known Russian fairy tale about love, identity, and truth. (Warnings: fantasy violence, some adult themes, death.

Ivan the Brave (IN-PROGRESS) – A cumulative tale of three brothers, their mother, and a troublesome wizard. (Warnings: fantasy violence, death)


Shorts – Anne Lynn, “Wish”

Anne Lynn was thirty-four years old when she decided to let the toad decide.

It was a small toad, dirt brown, slightly lumpy, and she wasn’t entirely sure in times after that it wasn’t actually several toads seen on separate occasions.  Toads didn’t exactly possess distinguishing features, except perhaps to other toads.  But it was, so far as she knew, the only toad, and if not there was always the whimsical thought that they probably all talked to each other in any case, especially about humans like her. Continue reading

Shorts – Horace Ruth, “Hero”

If there was anything that Horace Ruth had learned in life, it was that people who ask you for one thing really want two.  And so on.  The first request is always pebbles before the avalanche.

For this reason, Horace’s chief means of tackling any problem someone gave him was to counter this geological inflation with multiples of zero.  That is, by facing it straight on and doing nothing.

Oddly enough, things usually worked out. Continue reading

Another 2007

Another writing from 2007, written for a short story class.

The kettle on the stove whistled.

“Brian, if you would.”

Brian Sorrel looked up as Elizabeth turned, tying herself up in the white coiled phone cord.  The woman was pointing urgently at the stove while she waited for the police station to take her off hold. Continue reading