Welcome to Hereabouts!

Welcome to Hereabouts!

Home to Westfall, Liliput and many other odds and ends of my writing and randomness.  Feel free to browse, or search by category with the links below.  I’ve added warnings and ratings on request.

Short Stories – Shorter works written in my downtime to keep my gears turning. (TV-PG)

Poems & Songs – Verse and rhyme, often included in longer works.  (TV-G, mostly)

The Real Life – Personal journals of moments too nice not to share. (TV-G)

Westfall – A teen’s desperate attempt to save a nation from The King of the Western Fairies. (Warnings: violence and violent deaths, some sexual references and language, politics)

A Queen’s Ransom (formerly known as Liliput) – A lesser-known Russian fairy tale about love, identity, and truth. (Warnings: fantasy violence, some adult themes, death.

Ivan the Brave (IN-PROGRESS) – A cumulative tale of three brothers, their mother, and a troublesome wizard. (Warnings: fantasy violence, death)


Lady O

O Lady, Lady, Lady, why do you hurt me so

Going where I cannot go,

in the stars where no wind blows?

I would build our fire here.

I would keep you warm.

Lady, Lady, Lady O,

You do not know,

You do not know

how you hurt me so.


O Lady, Lady, Lady,

You made your bond with me

underneath the yewling tree

when the world was summer sweet.

You would build the hearth and home.

You would as I do.

Lady, Lady, Lady O

Why do you go,

Why do you go

where I can’t too?