About Rose


Welcome to my blog.  I’m Rose, an American writer living in Japan.  It’s amazing how in another country, I can stand out and disappear all at once.  For example, here I am, and here I’m not, shouting out into the void, unheard, but for the pecking of my keyboard.  It’s strange to think, isn’t it, that all the words that mean so much that we’d type them at 90 words per minute, are just odd strokes and ticks to anyone looking over my shoulder.  Odd that some people are content to let them be strokes and ticks.  It’s amazing what you won’t see staring straight at something, isn’t it?  It can’t be the eyes that are faulty.

This is my blog for odds and ends of writing and random thoughts, unfinished tales, bits of story, glimpses of faces, flashes of fiction, tales, poems, songs, and so on.  I don’t claim to be much of anything, but you are welcome to stay around and enjoy the quiet for a bit.

Or, if you’re a wanderer, you can follow other echoes elsewhere.