Ivan the Brave: Chapter List & Details

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“He wanted life to be fair… It’s a dangerous word when you’re at rock bottom.”

For Ryota, Rikka, Kuma, Yudah,
and all the other Stars on the Hill by the Bay.

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*Question: Is pausing to announce an intermission before an intermission an antemission?

Setting: Tishina, the Khazarim Ruins, the Underworld.

Time: Once upon a C.E., about two generations since the end of Skomorokh.

Characters (in order of location, appearance):

Of Tishina

  • Morya, once a baker’s daughter in Merya, now queen, 60s
  • Symon Rurikov, the king, 70
  • Martin Symonovich, his firstborn, upper 20s
  • Loren Symonovich, the secondborn, lower 20s
  • Ivan Symonovich, the third son, 18
  • Stacia, her godmother, a tailor, 80s.
  • Various soldiers, their captains, pages, and servants.

The Underworld

  • Koschei “the Deathless,” Morya’s brother, a sorcerer, 60s
  • Vasilisa “Lisa” Khazarovna, a princess, 18
  • Baba Yaga (actually deathless)


  • Ravens
  • Potolok