A break for a poem

Looking forward to posting on August 2nd.  I’ve finished my third draft!  Huzzah!  Drinks all around! (Er, we’re going dutch though, so just toast as you can…)

For now,  I’ve been digging through old material so there’s still something I can post for you all to read.  Enjoy my poetric attempts from my college days.  This one is literally called “Lemon.”  the assignment was, pick a simple object.  Write as many words, literal and metaphorical about it, then write a poem, freeverse or otherwise.  It’s a great creative exericse.


As I handled the sharp knife this morning,
sawed through the rind of
the yellow bulb that fit in the palm of
my hand like an egg,
and the soft woody smell of the earth filled
the kitchen with gold,
little juice squirted from topaz polyps;
it was not yet ripe.
I couldn’t tell at first how many seeds
hid between the spokes
in ten faceted gems, as I touched
the liquid flesh, the
teardrops meshed in fibrous steel clear like silk,
the muscles of this
divine but caustic cathedral—As
I dared and I drew
My hand away, I thought how dry it left
My fingers, wet with bile,
The sour dew of this bright fruit, and then
how so much flavor
only left my mouth parched when I brought my
fingers to my lips.