Liliput Maps: Characters, & Chapter List


Chapter List:

Setting: Two of “The Three Kingdoms,” Dolina and Tishina (The third is Merya)

Time: Once upon a C.E.


map base sepia

A loose remapping of 9th Century northern Rus-land (all rights reserved).  Locations in the screenplay, aside from castles, are marked.

Characters (in order of location, appearance):

Of Dolina

  • Sonya Domonova, 70s?*, herbalist and advisor
  • Nikolai Ilmenov, 60s, noble and advisor
  • Aleksandra “Sasha” Tamanov (of Merya), 19, princess
  • Viktor “the Great” Chelov, 60s, the Old King
  • Liev Chelov, 20, prince (later king)
  • Pavel Ilmenov, 21, his friend
  • peasants & nobles

Of Tishina

  • Andrei Lessov, 18, a prince
  • Galen Domonov, 40s?, a sorcerer
  • Ivan the Silent, 60s, “The Silent King”
  • Irina, 50s, a lady
  • Gleb Durokov, 40s, an actor
  • The Glumy men, his collective troupe
  • Katiya, 18, a young lady who hangs with Gleb
  • Soren Domonov, 40s?, Sonya’s late husband

*The Domovs have question marks by their ages because they are… interesting. Mm, yes, that is the word I’m looking for, interesting…

A brief bout of the “My Lungs are in a Vice” –itis had me delayed putting up actual scenes today, but here’s this for now. My original posting date will be Wednesday each week if all goes well.



This week’s notes:

  1. Glad to have you along on the quest!  Feel free to comment, question, correct, suggest, and so on!
  2. While I’m going for a fairy tale, any tips that would help the tale feel more Russian and less German (my normal forte) would be greatly appreciated.  I’m currently burying myself in books and blogs on folklore and looking up recipes for piping hot schi.  
  3. If you’d like to help with the map specifically, just let me know!  As I understand it, there were something like 30 kingdoms in Russian Fairy Tales, though the last hinted at being the land of the dead.

This week’s questions:

  1. Liev or Lief?  They’re both pronounced “Leaf.”
  2. Do the surnames sound silly? (Almost none of them come up in the text.)
  3. Are there too many “S” names?
  4. Any resources on 9th Century Slavic “castles”?
  5. The original tale is of a king and queen. I’d like to have a young prince and his fiance instead. If he becomes king, what title does she get?