Westfall Chapters

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Eighteen-year-old Rosalinda “Rose” Thorne has a dream—a persistent dream—about the Fair Folk who’ve taken over her once-democratic country:  She wants to find out how to kill them.

For a desperate, post-graduation road trip, she’s chosen allies—a blind visionary, a sure hunter, and her best friend, who she’s sure tells her everything.  She can trust them (probably) and if they do have skeletons in their closets, well, so does she.

But as they race for the border where answers lie, Rose starts to realize defeating a mythical monster is never, ever as simple as cutting off its head.

Chapter Links

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4 Aug 2017 – I have unpublished Westfall from Inkitt, as I am finally sending out query letters to seek publication.  The Inkitt page is now a 404 page featuring the kracken.  If you seek a kracken, feel free to look for it there.  I sail for sunnier shores.  Wish me luck!